Owen Driving School has been a trusted driving school for students from Amsterdam, Purmerend, Zaandam and nearby locations for more than 10 years.

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Our students have rated us 5 star in terms of quality, method and pricing.

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"The lessons are taught in an easy and understandable way.."


"The teachers are very professional in their behaviour.."


"I was able to ask questions any time I had any confusion.."

Sayed Ahad Abbas — Expat

"Get started quickly"

“I had moved to Netherlands and wanted to get some hands on experience before I could hit the road. I had driving experience from India, but roads and rules are way much organised here, and you can get a ticket even on slightest mistake! And above everything, I wanted to be safe when I would be driving so I was looking for a school that would understand my problems and be pocket-friendly as well.

This is the school that had me going quickly with easy lessons. I wasn’t sure initially but their trial class helped me make my mind (In fact, it helped me understand I need way more classes than I had anticipated!)”

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School die je kunt vertrouwen

"Ik was niet zeker over deze school toen ik op Google opzocht naar rijscholen bij mij in de buurt, ondanks dat school de beste prijs had onder zijn leeftijdsgenoten. Pas na mijn gratis proefles wist ik zeker dat ik autorijden zou gaan leren van deze school. Ik kan niet genoeg dankbaar zijn voor de lessen en alle hulp die ik heb gekregen bij het behalen van mijn rijbewijs. Als je in NL woont, weet je hoe moeilijk het is, maar met autorijschool Owen wordt het een fluitje van een cent!"

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This is the best school so far within Amsterdam
I thought driving wasn't that easy. Not until he made it easy for me!
Mila Kunis
If you've some driving experience, get started quickly with this school.
Mike Stuart
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our trial class is free and without obligations. You can make up your mind only after you’re satisfied with our trial class. It also helps us determine the best package (driving hours) for you.

Number of lessons depend upon your previous experience with driving and how well-versed you are with traffic rules. Typically, this is decided after your trial class with us.

Towards the end, we asses your driving skills and estimate if you’re ready to hit the road. If needed, you may be requested to take a few extra classes.

Yes, you can. Please check out our packages page for one or more individual classes.

We accept cash and pin payments.

No, you do all of your classes with the same instructor. So, the understanding you build with your instructor helps you grow your driving skills quickly.

Let's talk about your requirements

We offer a free trial class for anyone who is not sure of their driving skills or their expectations from us. It also helps us asses your current skills and decide a driving package for you.

Trial class comes without obligation and you’re free to change your mind!