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Fear of Failure

Do you have anxiety issues? Does your performance degrade under pressure? We can help!


Fear of failure blocks a person from taking the step to success and even when they could perform better, it makes them believe they can't.

Positive fear

This fear could often be encouraging as well. Some people use this fear to motivate themselves in performing better.


The fear of failure makes a person anxious and deters their performance from the normal circumstance


Fear of failure is literally the fear of failure. It is often a motivating factor, also referred to as positive fear of failure. However, there are people who are so afraid of not doing it right that they block themselves instead of motivating them. As a result, one is not able to do what one can do under normal circumstances, which is also called negative performance anxiety.

CBR recognizes the problem of performance anxiety

There are relatively many people who suffer from performance anxiety.

To solve this problem, the CBR has created the ‘fear of failure exam’. This started as a pilot and has yielded good results. For example, people who suffer from fear of failure have a more realistic end result with this special exam, because the fear of failure factor played a lesser role when taking the exam. 

The fear you have for the practical exam most likely does not come out of the blue and started a while before you had to take the exam. Maybe you already have fear when taking tests, exams or assignments. You take this fear with you when you start getting your driver’s license. It is important to be aware of this from the start and discuss this with your instructor who will guide you to your driver’s license. So be candid about this and discuss it, then we can see what we can do together to reduce your anxiety. 

A performance anxiety exam takes longer than a normal exam and takes a total of 80 minutes. The special thing about it is that you start with an intake interview. In this conversation you discuss your fears and make sure that you can start the exam calmly and during the ride you can ask for a time-out.

Anyone who thinks they qualify for this exam can make use of this fear of failure exam. So if you suspect that you have a major, unhealthy or extreme fear while taking the exam, the performance anxiety exam may be for you.

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