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Driving License Theory

Theory exam preparation and material are often underestimated and then a tough theory exam can be disappointing. Sign up with us to quickly get your theory certificate!

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What is Theory Exam?

Theory exam is a mandatory exam that you take when you need  Driving license. Good preparation for your theory exam is very important. Our theory package consists of online theory and practice exam questions. In the digital lesson book, all traffic rules are clearly explained and each part is concluded with a test. To test whether you have mastered the material sufficiently, you can practice the exam questions online.


Age Requirement

You must be at least 16 years old before you can take the theory exam

Exam duration

The driving license theory exam takes 45 minutes, including the explanation


The exam costs €25.55


You must be present at the exam location of the CBR about half an hour before the start of the exam. Please remember that you have a valid ID with you.

What does the theory exam entail?

The exam consists of yes/no questions, multiple choice questions, questions where you have to enter a number yourself and questions about how you would act in a certain traffic situation (danger perception).

The general structure of the exam is:

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