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Getting your Driving License

How do we work? There are only three simple steps in process of getting your driving license!


When you join the school, you get access to our planner where you can access your classes, class schedule, payments and all related stuff


By taking administrative burden off your hands as much as possible, we ensure that you can concentrate on the practical lessons, theory lessons and exams of the CBR.


Guided in a pleasant way, each session ends with a short summary of your lesson, answers all your questions and a plan for the next lesson. You always know what to expect during each lesson.


Our step-by-step plan ensures you start your theory or practical lessons quickly for your car driver’s license. Keeping it simple helps you know exactly what is expected of you.


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As you can see from our step-by-step plan, you can take care of the lessons that you can follow at our driving school and get your driver’s license in four simple steps.


Intermediate Test (TTT)

An interim test is comparable to a real exam and is administered by the CBR. The big advantage is that you have already experienced how an exam works, this saves a lot of nerves on the real driving test.

During the interim test, an examiner from the CBR assesses how your driving skills are. He examines everything that is also tested in a real exam. That is why self-reflection is also part of the interim test. You must therefore complete the self-reflection form in advance that you will bring to the test. The test takes as long as a real exam and your instructor rides along. After the test, your instructor can print out an advice form for you. After the examiner has given advice for each component on the form, You can use this to see exactly which parts you still need to work on. Make sure you have the advice form with you when you take the exam. This is especially important if you have been granted an exemption for the special operations manoeuvres (car) section. In addition, the advice form can be decisive in case of doubt about the exam result. 

The test is an excellent opportunity to get used to the exam situation. Nervousness is removed with the test in many candidates. During the test you can earn an exemption for the special manoeuvres part of the next car exam. The big advantage is that you take a shorter driving test, which greatly increases your chance of passing.

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