Owen Driving School has been a trusted driving school for students from Amsterdam, Purmerend, Zaandam and nearby locations for more than 10 years.

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*Trial classes (45 mins) are free and without any obligations

A plan for everyone!


For experienced drivers who just need some experience before hitting the road

  • 20x Hours
  • 1x CBR Test
  • TTT Test? Possible
  • Online theory package
  • Pay in instalments? No


For drivers with some driving or on-road experience.

  • 30x Lessons
  • 1x CBR Exam
  • TTT Test? Possible
  • Online theory package
  • Pay in instalments? Yes!


People with no prior car driving experience. Learn driving from scratch.

  • 40x Lessons
  • 1x CBR Exam
  • TTT Test? Possible
  • Online theory package
  • Pay in instalments? Yes!

* Each lesson lasts 60 mins.

* TTT exams cost an additional €180

* Payment possible in instalment in advance of 1st lesson, 10th lesson and 21st lesson. (with 30 lesson package)

* Payment possible in instalment with advance of 1st lesson and 10th lesson. (with 20 lessons package)

Trial intake is completely without obligation. All packages can be expanded with an interim test (TTT)

Compare what you get in each package

Price € 1249 € 1799 € 2299
Lessons 20 30 40
CBR Test
Online theory package
Can pay in instalments?
Situations & conditions
Interim Test (TTT)

Looking for something custom?

We got you covered! Check our prices for individual class, lessons, or even exams!

Item Price (New Discounts!)
Trial lesson (45 mins) Free!
Intake (90 mins) € 60
Single driving lesson € 60
10-lesson package € 550
Practical exam € 280
Re-exam € 260
BNOR practical exam € 290
Interim test (TTT) € 199
Anxiety Test € 350
*Theory course (incl. exam) — Dutch 160 145
*Theory course (incl. exam) — English € 160
Theory course — Online € 45

*For theory course, you can choose from a day or a week course

Not sure which package you need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons would I need?

Number of lessons depend upon your previous experience with driving and how well-versed you are with traffic rules. Typically, this is decided after your trial class with us.

Can I take a trial class?

We offer free trial class for you to get an experience of what real lessons would look like. It will also help us decide the right package for you.

Which payment methods do you take?

We accept card payments only and the payment has to be made in full when you agree on a package.

What happens towards the end of my lessons?

Towards the end, we asses your driving skills and estimate if you're ready to hit the road. If needed, you may be requested to take a few extra classes.

Still have questions?
Find answers in FAQs!

We understand you may have so many questions before you can close in on a package. So, we compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you get started quickly by answering these questions for you. Have a look!